Teaching In Mathematics

Many across the world know the simple mathematic calculations that are needed to handle the financial adjustments in their lives. The daily calculations that would do is the subtraction to less the money you have spent on your daily expenses, multiplications and divisions to know the price of each piece when you buy in bulk, you have to divide the amount by number of pieces that you got to know the price per piece. Only very rarely is that you do additions. This addition is what you like the most when your salary is deposited in your account. When life can go smooth with simple calculations, why should one have to take up rigorous program by a professional teaching in mathematics?

When life goes so simple in small calculations then you would wonder why you had to learn tough math at schooling. In addition, you could hardly find good teachers who can solve any sort of math problems. If you were in the category of student, or parent or even a teacher you would know how tough it is to handle math. Student would find difficult to learn where as teacher would find it difficult when making the students understand what they are teaching in mathematics. Understanding from the viewpoint of student to reason out why they are not able to understand the logic in applying the formulae is something, which is a tough job.

Once you know the reasoning behind the confusion that a student has it would be very easy to continue by clarifying the doubts that arose in student's mind. Hence sometimes the profession of teaching something is also compared to that of sales job where the salesperson has to explain the products but here the teacher should explain how the law of physics or composition of chemistry works along with math.

As the different sub topics of mathematics like algebra, trigonometry and geometry is not that easy the teacher should always attach humor to the discussions that are involved in a math class. When the teacher mixes humor the students pay more attention as the humor makes the students feel that are personally attached to the teacher and hence will show more interest in the topics. As teaching in mathematics cannot be taken as an easy job some teachers themselves have to undergo training programs on how to improve their skill sets.