Pca Boarding School

The term boarding school conjures up different images for different students. Some think that a boarding school is a very harsh place where one is disciplined all through the day and one has to study incessantly. This is totally a wrong view of a person who has never attended a boarding school and has been fed some very wrong information. In fact boarding schools give a very nurturing and relaxed atmosphere, for the student to study and also to have fun. Students in boarding schools have the opportunity of having a huge friend circle and at the same time not being distracted while studying.

Boarding schools have been depicted in many stories like Malory Towers and Saint Claire's by Enid Blyton. Boarding schools provide the ideal surroundings for telling a story about the life of young people and their adventures. Apart from books, various television series and programs have made boarding schools quite popular. One such television series which is watched by most of the teenagers is Zoey 101. In this series, the story revolves round the main character Zoey who is in PCA Boarding School which is a coeducational boarding school. PCA stands for Pacific Coast Academy, and is a fictional boarding school made up for this program.

The series starts with Zoey coming for the first time to PCA boarding school. The story then takes us along the different relationships and activities of Zoey in the PCA boarding school. Each season of the series also starts with Zoey coming back to PCA boarding school after her vacation. This television program gives us a glimpse of a what a very posh boarding school would be like. In the television series PCA boarding school is depicted to have the best of facilities and an excellent campus. The first season was known to have been filmed in California at Malibu, at the Pepperdine University. Later the shooting was shifted to Santa Clarita, Valencia and then back to California.

Many young people were so taken up by the PCA boarding school in the television program, that they wanted to know if such a boarding school really existed. Many websites had queries from curious teenagers, whether PCA boarding school really existed and if not whether there was any boarding school similar to it.

One of the good things this program did was to remove the misconceptions about a boarding school, and after seeing PCA boarding school every teenager wanted to enroll for such a program.