Modern Biology Textbook

We have or are studying biology as a part of science. Of the three main branches of science, biology mainly deals with the study of living beings, that is, all plants and animals including humans.

Modern biology textbook makes special effort to deal with the subject in a manner that the student develops a spirit pf enquiry, inculcates scientific temper, strengthens power of observation, learns to perform simple experiments and to draw appropriate conclusions from them. Above all, throughout the biology textbooks a proper effort is made to see that the student develops an appreciation for nature.

Though the language is kept simple, the use of scientific terms is unavoidable and so that is kept at a minimum level. Further each chapter is greatly enriched with lots of activities to perform, tables to fill up, sketches to draw and a few important questions related to the chapters are given at the end of the book.

Modern Biology textbook make every effort to see that both teachers and students enjoy learning about biology through it. They are written in such a way that teachers will surely find it almost authentic for imparting new ideas and scientific knowledge to pupils. It is in conformity with the latest syllabus prescribed.

Publishers make it a point to include many useful facts in almost every chapter. One of the striking features of some books is point to remember. These points greatly help the students not only to grasp the general spirit of the lesson but also to quickly glance through them before the examination.

The treatment of lessons is simple, lucid, absorbing and interesting to make the book readable and enjoyable.

Studying the modern biology textbook helps us in many ways. It makes us conscious citizens as it helps us in solving problems of sanitation, public health, water supply etc. It also helps us to understand the inter-dependence of plants and animals.

Studying biology is necessary for certain careers. There are many careers which are open to students of biology. One may choose to be a doctor, a dentist, a bacteriologist, a pathologist, a druggist, an entomologist, a forester, a teacher, a veterinary doctor, biotechnologist etc. It also makes people realize the dangers of cutting down forests and the indiscriminate killing of wild animals. Similarly, this science advocates the idea of conservation of petroleum, coal or metal deposits on our planet.

Biology has also helped us to understand the causes of many diseases. It has shown us how germs are spread and this knowledge helps us to take proper care of our health and live longer.