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  • Degree in Library Science Online


    Not everyone is cut out to be a librarian, but if the idea appeals to you then a degree in library science is virtually a pre-requisite to your success. Very few organisations will consider an applicant for the position of a librarian unless they have a degree in library...

  • Continuing Education Studies


    There are lots of people who would like to continue their education studies but they just cannot do it because once they have graduated they have to start work because there is probably no one to help them at the beginning of their career. However, we should not let that...

  • Medical Transcription Career


    Medical transcription, also referred to as MT, in most healthcare fields fall under allied health and generally deal with transcribing voice recordings by doctors and other medical professionals into text format. Transcription has been used for year in offices and today is still heavily used in the medical setting....

  • Online Wildlife Management Degree


    A career in wildlife management is a dream job for people who love the outdoors. The beauty of the wilderness is a powerful attraction for those who enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature. The management and control of wildlife is necessary to the balance of the natural ecosystem. Parks...

  • Franklin Technical School


    Franklin County Technical School focuses on creating a comfortable yet productive environment for all students who intend to graduate with an innovative high school diploma. All students are accepted despite any differences they may have. The school focuses on welcoming students of all races, cultures, and handicap backgrounds. However one...

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